Restaurant City goes to the dark side during Midnight Week

Restaurant City Halloween
Restaurant City Halloween

Restaurant City doesn't ever release new items without going completely overboard (in a good way, of course!) and this theme is no exception. This week has been declared "Midnight Week", and the game is chock full of horror and goth themed items. Given that there are several weeks left until Halloween on October 31st, we're not sure why these decorations will only be around for a week. Perhaps EA has a ton in store for us for this month, and they're just getting started? Either way, it would take us all day to list all of the new items, so we'll just run down our favorites and save the rest for your surprise in the game.

One theme of new decorations are the "Figsaw" items, which are obviously a parody of the long-running Saw series of horror movies. Figsaw is a creepy clown on a tricycle, and you can also buy his matching 'game' which appears to be more of a torture device. For new food, there is the Blood Orange Juice and the Millionaire Shortbread. There are also new clothing options for your avatars, including the Goth Outfit Shirt and Pants, and a Caramella Jacket. Finally, a whole slew of goth nightclub furniture such as the Goth Club Entrance, the Goth Nightclub Roof, the Neon Coffin Table, and the Goth Club Dance Cage.

For the full list, check out the Restaurant City official blog. Happy haunting (and cooking!)