Nightclub City gets spooky with Nightclub on Elm Street


Nightclub City is going all out for the Halloween season, with full Nightclub on Elm Street festivities. The game has released decorations, costumes, new parties, and whole new location. To get the 6 costumes and throw the Halloween parties, however, you'll need to shell out a lot of cash to unlock the Nightclub on Elm Street location, which costs 10 million cash or 30 Facebook Credits. For those of us who are still saving up every penny and can't afford it, we'll have to save up - because you can't even buy any Halloween decorations unless you have opened a Nightclub on Elm Street.

The Halloween themed parties are as follows:

Furry Fun Fest

Celebrity: Michael J. Wolf
Rewards: 25,000 cash, 40 Party Points
Planning: 4 hours
Collectible Rewards: Werewolf Costume, Bunny Costume, Halloween Club Decor