Man Overboard in the English Channel

Fred Olsen

A 79-year-old cruise ship passenger is believed to have fallen off a boat traveling in the English Channel.

The BBC is reporting the British man went missing off the Fred Olsen liner Balmoral while in French waters. British and French authorities were notified of the missing man, but all efforts to find him were in vain.

The man was on a 21-day Adriatic cruise with his wife. According to the Daily Mail, his wife reported him missing early yesterday morning.

With a capacity of 1,350 passengers, the Balamor is Fred Olsen's largest ship. According to the cruise line, the crew carried out a thorough search onboard the ship with no success.

The Kent police in Dover, where the cruise ship disembarked this morning at 7 a.m., told the Daily Mail "A British coastguard helicopter from Portland, Dorset was sent to the scene and the navy warship HMS Westminster has offered assistance.

"A French Coastguard fixed-wing aircraft was deployed, together with a French warship to assist in the search. Shipping in the area was informed of the search by Coastguard Authorities."

After no luck of finding the man, the search was called off. The Coastguard does not plan on resuming the search.

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