Mafia Wars' new Account Settings cut email spam and get to the game

Mafia Wars Email Preferences
Mafia Wars Email Preferences

In what seems to be a response to the recent changes to Facebook's Application Privacy Settings, Zynga has updated Mafia Wars with a way to change your email settings within the game. Changing these settings will only affect Mafia Wars and no other Zynga game, unfortunately, but chances are this feature will find its way into the gaming titan's other games.

You can now change what Mafia Wars will update you with via email down to every last change. However, the game can only update you through email once daily when you're robbed, attacked (once each for wins and losses) and put on a Hitlist. Unfortunately, the feature is currently bugged and will hopefully be fixed shortly as it was just recently introduced. It looks like signing away your email for bonuses is about to get a tad more appealing.

Will you be signing up for email updates once this feature is live (and functional)? What other Zynga game do you think needs this feature most and why? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.