JPMorgan Chase Expands Foreclosure Review


JPMorgan Chase (JPM) is widening its review of foreclosure documents, CNNMoney said.

The bank is already reviewing 56,000 foreclosure documents in 23 states that need a judge to sign off on a foreclosure. Now, JPMorgan is expanding the review to states that don't require a judge's approval, CNNMoney said without naming its sources.

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Banks have come under intense scrutiny as evidence emerges that lenders may have used flawed or even forged paperwork to foreclose on homes.

Lenders will foreclose on 1.2 million home this year as high unemployment and falling home values leave many borrowers unable to keep up with payments.

In its initial review, JPMorgan Chase asked the courts to not enter judgments until it had completed its review of documents. That means these homes cannot be sold until the review is complete.