Increase energy with Treasure Isle baby animal boats

Treasure Isle Baby Animal Boats
Treasure Isle sure is pulling our heart strings lately, with cute animals all over the place. The latest edition in the prettiest island pet shop is a set of absolutely adorable baby animal boats. These precocious pets don't exactly make a ton of sense, but we're not going to complain. These baby animal boats also increase your maximum energy from 1-3 total energy. Boats aren't a new addition to the game, but this is the first time we've seen little baby boats hit the store. It's not even springtime yet! Here is a glimpse at what you can expect to find if you check the Treasure Isle store right now.

Baby Bunnies - 65 Island Cash, +3 Energy
Baby Penguins - 65 Island Cash, +3 Energy
Baby Foxes - 55 Island Cash, +2 Energy
Baby Meerkats - 55 Island Cash, +2 Energy
Baby Polar Bears - 55 Island Cash, +2 Energy
Baby Owl - 45 Island Cash, +1 Energy

We're not sure exactly how long these will be in the store, but there is no expiration date on them as of yet. Check out the boat section of the store to find these new baby animal boats along with a slew of other boats.
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