Happy Pets: Shy Basket returns with new Shadow Pets and Hell Mythic Dragon

The Shy Pets Basket has reappeared in Happy Pets, and this time, it's giving you the chance to win one of the following six Shadow Pets: Shadow Turtle (common), Shadow Pig (common), Shadow Dog (common), Shadow Cat (uncommon), Shadow Iguana (rare), and lastly, the Hell Mythic Dragon (Mythic).
Happy Pets Black Mythic Dragon
The Hell Mythic Dragon is very similar in appearance to the Black Mythic Dragon, but has red instead of black horns and wings. With the exception of the debut fire sale, dragons remain at 66 Facebook Credits (or $6.60 USD) each, but you've a tiny chance of netting the Hell Mythic for free if you can get seven friends to click on your Shy Pets Basket.
Happy Pets Shy Pets Basket
Another option is to pay the 298 Facebook Credits (or $29.80 USD) for an instant unlock, but be warned, even if you do that, there's no guarantee you'll end up with the dragon. Most of you are going to end up with the Shadow Turtle, Pig, or Dog.
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