GodFinger developer joins Japan-based DeNa, mobile social games now a big deal

DeNa buys Ngmoco
DeNa buys Ngmoco

DeNa, Japan's most successful social gaming company, has bought Ngmoco for $400 million, putting DeNa in prime position to become the largest mobile social games company in the world. The creator of iPhone hits like Rolando and GodFinger will now be developing games for Tokyo-based DeNa, but it's doubtful that this is the end for Ngmoco games in the U.S.

"The big tide in social gaming is coming, right now. We'd like to capture it and quickly become the world's No. 1 mobile gaming platform," DeNa CEO Tomoko Namba told the New York Times. We want to enable developers to go cross-device and to go cross-border. And we need this to happen quickly, in about the next one or two years."

Who would've thunk mobile social gaming would be taken so seriously? You don't become the world's most ubiquitous anything without good localization, so Ngmoco games aren't going anywhere but farther than ever before. However, it's unsure what this acquisition could mean for the company's relationship with Plus+, the social infrastructure it currently uses in titles like Rolando.Time will tell whether other social mobile gaming platforms like Open Feint (and possibly Plus+) can compete with DeNa's serious clout, but with $400 million behind them at least expect Ngmoco production values to soar. It's appropriate now to cross your fingers for Rolando 3 for iOS 4.

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