Get references to adopt a precious puppy in Cafe Life

Cafe Life puppy adoption
Cafe Life puppy adoption

Yes, it's yet another lost and lonely adoptable animal in a Facebook game, but their darn wet noses and wagging tails get us every time! In Cafe Life, a puppy was abandoned at your cafe's doorstep. It needs a home, of course, but you need to prove yourself a worthy owner of a canine companion by gaining references from your friends in order to adopt it. How do you gain a reference? You beg your friends!

You need to request references from your friends, and you need a total of 5 of them in order to adopt the curious pup. If you're impatient or can't find references, you can also buy references for 10 Facebook Credits each. Who said money doesn't talk? We're not sure PETA would approve of being able to skip references by shelling out the dough, but luckily it's just a game.

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