Cafe World: Create a steam-powered cafe with steampunk decor

Cafe World Steampunk decorations
Cafe World Steampunk decorations

Everyone loves a bit of steampunk gadgetry, and now geeks and historians alike can decorate their Cafe World cafe with the latest and greatest inventions from some scientist's latest experiment. The Steampunk collection has arrived, and there is plenty to keep even the most avid of collectors busy tinkering around with this decor. The new gear is as follows:

Giant Telescope - 20 Cafe Cash
Gear Divider - 4 Cafe Cash
Brass Globe - 4 Cafe Cash
Pressure Gauge Cradle - 5 Cafe Cash
Watch Part Raven - 6 Cafe Cash
Zeppelin - 12 Cafe Cash
Tesla Coil - 12 Cafe Cash