Treasure Isle Tigers: Heal the big cat to unlock Little Big China maps

treasure isle tigers
treasure isle tigers

Still working on your Dragon adventures in Treasure Isle? Well, once you return from Timeless China, you'll be greeted by another ailing majestic animal, the Tiger, who can take you to the Little Big China maps if you decide to take the thorn from its paw. (Seriously, how many "Chinas" are there in Treasure Isle?)

This not-so-ferocious beast will find its way onto your home island through either a pop-up message or inside your backpack (hey, how'd he get in there?!). Place him on your home island to start the quest to bring the Tiger back to good health, which can be done by asking six of your friends, paying 30 Island Cash ( to instantly nurse him or waiting six days for the daily help to arrive from local, in-game characters.

After enlisting their help, or paying your way through, most of the islands in the Little Big China map will open up to you, with further help from your friends required to unlock the rest. These islands can be found just after the Timeless in China map. With the way this injured, mystical animals trend is going, we call unicorns next ... or maybe centaurs. Now, that would be awesome.

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