Social City: Reach Level 5 in ESPNU College Town for a free Track and Field stadium

Social City: Play ESPNU for a free Track & Field
Social City Track and Field StadiumNow that the 5 Days of Gifting College Town is over in Social City, Playdom has another ESPNU College Town promotion in the works -- reach Level 5 in ESPNU College Town for a free Track and Field stadium in Social City.

Here's some tips to level up quickly in ESPNU College: First of all, the game starts you off with two venues, a field and a gym. Upgrading these will net you a ton of XP. After that, you should click on the venues to "Start Event", which is more or less identical to creating "Contracts" for the Factories in Social City.

Next, buy and install as many buildings as you can. The act of installing buildings will help you earn XP, and after that's done, the buildings can begin making money for you. You can use this money to upgrade your venues. All this should quickly get you to Level 3.
Social City Track & Field Stadium
There might be a bit of a lag between you hitting Level 5 in ESPNU College Town and getting your Track and Field, but once the offer clears its way through the system, you should receive the pop-up window above. You can then find your stadium in your Social City inventory, and installing the stadium in your city will grant you 15 XP.
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