Scoreloop brings social gaming to Samsung TVs, where it all began

Samsung brings social gaming to TV
Samsung brings social gaming to TV

It's funny how things come full circle, isn't it? Scoreloop, a social gaming platform for mobile devices, is coming to bada, Samsung's mobile phone operating system, according to Venture Beat. The platform created by the Munich, Germany-based company allows developers to infuse social gaming elements like sharing, gifting and virtual goods to mobile games. Alright, you've heard this all before, so here's the real news: Scoreloop is coming to Samsung's internet-capable TVs.

Social gaming on your TV? Sure, you could probably do it with a standard video-out cable and a PC, but that's too much work. This will allow games that can be bought through Samsung's web-enabled TVs to use the same Scoreloop social network featured on Samsung phones.

If this idea catches on, what's to stop other developers from finding their way into your web-ready TV? Quite honestly, FrontierVille on a 42-inch LCD screen sounds pretty alluring to me, but unfortunately we're a ways away from that. But with TVs becoming as connected as our computers and phones are, it may be only a matter of time before the one genre that's shook the foundations of the industry makes it way to the screens that started it all.

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