Employed as a Psychic: Earn $110 to $60 Hourly

Psychics are in demand and earn between $110 and $60 an hour. The demand comes from the current upheaval in the economy, social norms, and politics. That demand will skyrocket on Halloween.

Those intuitives tap into human and paranormal vibrations to gain insight into the present and future. In addition to being known as "psychics," they also classify themselves as tarot readers, clairvoyants, mediums, and sensitives. There are none of the usual requirements: no licensing, certification, or academic degrees. Hiring is based on your track record or reputation. Many employers will "try you out." Hanging on to the job requires satisfying enough clients. Most legal liability is avoided by the disclaimer that the service is provided for entertainment purposes only.

On the TV series 'Medium,' the fictional Allison DuBois assists the police department with investigations. Other psychics work at holistic bookstores such as Pilgrim's Way in Carmel, Calif. The client fee is about $45 for a half hour. In Salem, Mass., where the local industry runs on psychic fumes, Angelica of the Angels Clairvoyant Demetrius bills at $55 each half hour. Employment is also available through national firms such as Hollywood Psychics. You can also become self-employed, like Michael Lafferty, who bills at $3.90 a minute. Sometimes psychic services advertise for talent. Most often, you get a job by knocking on doors to find out whether help is needed. Sometimes employers seek you out because you're known for your gift. For example, you may have provided paid or free services and word got around.

Those earning their living as psychics usually have sensed their powers from youth. (Think 'Sixth Sense.') They were encouraged by family, friends, and even employers and co-workers to provide this service for a fee. Along the way, they may have trained themselves or taken courses in some of the following: reading tarot cards, astrology, herbal remedies, Wicca, Eastern philosophy, and human psychology. The wider the menu of offerings, the more business you can attract.

The most efficient way in is to to give complimentary readings. Ask satisfied clients to tell their network about you. With this list of references, you can look for a job in the field and/or set up your own shop.

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