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hot siteI have read a lot of stuff about the job search. I've written a lot about it -- I've been blogging for over four years, almost every day! Many times I feel the information is regurgitated, repeated, generic, not applicable, or just plain boring.

There are some terrific blogs and resources for information, of course. You can get a lot from AOL Jobs. But this week I want to point you to one of the blogs that has been an inspiration to me. The site is Tim Tyrell-Smith's blog, Tim's Strategy. When I read it, I am floored by the passion and sound advice. The blog's title, "Ideas for Job Search, Career and Life," describes it perfectly.

About the site: This is a blog. It is one person sharing his ideas, thoughts and methods. Tim lost his job in 2007; his first post was September 2009. Tim has lots of blog posts and a few free e-books/downloads that he has created.

tims strategy

About the owner: Tim Tyrell-Smith lives in Southern California and loves to write. He's one of those guys who you might say is "all over the place." I've communicated with him a few times and have always found him to be pleasant and helpful. More than anything, though, I've found him to be someone who is passionate about the job seeker -- YOU. He wants to help and shares his ideas freely. He draws on a strong marketing background, which is why his ideas are so good. He's also developed quite a name in the career space. While I haven't seen him at career conferences, I find that a lot of job search coaches and resume writers have heard of him and recommend his blog.

Why you should visit: For fresh ideas and a different way of thinking. Tim isn't one to regurgitate. He thinks of ideas, and presents them, in a way that makes me jealous (seriously!). I'm not an advocate of a job seeker spending too much time in front of the computer, but I would say that every minute reading Tim's Strategy is a minute well-spent.

What I like most about it: The ideas seem just so fresh, which is hard to do in this space. I also like how each post seems pretty thorough; it's almost as if they are well-researched articles and not just pontifications or passing ideas. Nothing wrong with that, but Tim's stuff seems very solid.

What Tim likes most about it: Tim has a pure purpose, which is why he resonates with me so much. In his own words: "The site started as a way to give back. It is written with that purpose in mind and will always carry that spirit. I build content based on my own job search experiences as well as sharing the real experiences of job seekers I meet every week. My favorite content can be found on the free downloads page -- lots of templates, tools and e-books to help people feel smart as they search."

How he makes money: Tim has a lot of free stuff, including the posts downloads. He has some affiliate links to products and an Indeed widget, both of which would be sources of income. When I asked him how he makes money, he replied: "I'm just now edging away from being a 100 percent non-commercial site -- actively talking with potential site sponsors and relevant affiliate programs. I am also planning to use the site as a platform to sell my first published book, some new paid web-based tools and a professional speaking career."

You can see Tim's LinkedIn Profile, or follow him on Twitter.

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