Happy Aquarium creator CrowdStar plans to take its games mobile


In a recent press release, it was announced that CrowdStar's recent explosive growth has led the studio to release two of its games, Happy Aquarium and Happy Island, on Yahoo! Japan through DeNA's Mobage platform. Recently, CrowdStar encroached on the coveted Number 2 position as most popular Facebook developer under the almighty Zynga.

This is a pretty impressive feat considering CrowdStar, a largely independent studio with backing from the YouWeb entrepreneur platform, beat out both Playfish and Playdom for the position, backed by Electronic Arts and Disney, respectively. The company plans to release several more Facebook games by the end of 2010 and continue to hire more team members.

"CrowdStar has its foot on the gas -- we're aggressively scaling the company to build on all the momentum we gained this summer," said Niren Hiro, CEO of CrowdStar. "We're prepared to go to the next level."

Apparently, the next level for CrowdStar is in your pocket as the developer released a bullet list of plans for the future which includes, "Upcoming launches of mobile versions of all its Facebook games through YouWeb-incubator partnerships." Hopefully this means mobile versions of CrowdStar games similar to Zynga's FarmVille for iPhone, which recreates your actual Facebook farm within the mobile app.

While the developer is reporting record growth and shows no signs of stopping with hires aplenty, CrowdStar is going to need some truly new game ideas if it hopes to compete with Zynga much less maintain its Number 2 spot. Especially considering Zynga seems to have caught on to the idea of new game mechanics; it should be an interesting winter.

Are you excited to have Happy Pets or another CrowdStar game on your mobile phone soon? What do you think CrowdStar needs to do to maintain its position? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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