Generation Y Not Greedy: Should America Be Concerned

gen yGeneration Y or the 20-somethings told Esquire that they didn't expect their earnings to peak at an over-the-top level. Should America be concerned about this lack of greed?

Esquire took a survey of Generation Y and another generation regarding 50 issues. One question was: What do you expect to make at your earning peak? There were five possible responses. Here is how Generation Y responded:

  • $60,000 - 21%
  • $100,000 - 33%
  • $250,000 - 17%
  • $500,00 - 14%
  • $1,000,000 - 15%

Obviously, not too many of those surveyed dream of becoming wealthy. However, America evolved into a powerhouse economy because its residents dreamed big financial dreams. Of course, then they pulled out all stops making that vision reality. Some, like Mark Zuckerberg, ignored the ethical constraints. But many more, like Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs, didn't.

Generation Y might not realize that doing well can also result in doing good. The lion's share of successful capitalists become philanthropists, indirectly or directly. Think about the Ford Foundation.

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