ESPNU College Town update brings Facebook Credits and new Competition rules

ESPNU College Town
ESPNU College Town

Playdom's new sports university management game ESPNU College Town received a much-deserved update today in the form of Facebook Credits, new Competitions features and over 100 new items. Not to mention that now Event Revenue never expires, meaning you can collect profits from an event at any time after the event is through. The social network's official currency is now available for use in the game and applies to the existing packages:

  • 20 Campus Cash: 4.99 = 50 Facebook Credits

  • 42 Campus Cash: $9.99 = 100 Facebook Credits

  • 85 Campus Cash: $19.99 = 200 Facebook Credits

  • 240 Campus Cash: $49.99 = 500 Facebook Credits

  • 500 Campus Cash: $99.99 = 1000 Facebook Credits

Now, you'll have to buy the Facebook Credits outside of ESPNU College Town and the game still supports direct credit card and Pay Pal purchases, but this just makes things a lot easier to understand. Clicking and dragging All-Stars into the starters brackets for Competitions is no longer necessary. Just click the All-Star and then click the spot to place them in position; also, players cannot compete in this feature without at least one All-Star card for each sport, basketball and football.

With Event Revenue now permanent, there's no need to regret or hesitate scheduling longer events that yield more benefits as they'll be there to collect whenever you return. There's also a slew of new items including new mascots, statues and iconic buildings representing real-life college sports stadiums. All in all, these are welcome changes to the new game, which already boasts over 1.2 million users in its first month. They grow up so fast... and then they make mommy and daddy millions.

What do you think of the new features in ESPNU College Town? What new items and buildings will you be buying? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.