Best Tater Tots? We rank the house brands

tater tots
tater tots

People, it's time for a potato revolution. When you go out to eat and want a hot, salty, potato-based side for your sandwich, basically your only option is French fries. And that's all fine and good -- fine French fries do rock -- but as you've learned in school, a little diversity can be a good thing.

That's why we're raising our fists in the air and screaming for Tater Tots, or some other brand, to make a comeback beyond school cafeterias and Sonic Drive-Ins. Kids' stuff you say? Maybe, but they're not kid exclusive. It's not like they're shaped like dinosaurs or anything. Concerned that they're too nerdy? Well, just because they're the snack of choice for Napoleon Dynamite doesn't mean you're a nerd if you like them. And Napoleon's a pretty neat guy, despite the dorky demeanor.