Wearing T-Shirts for a Living: Send in the Clones

small business ideasFiguring out a way to earn bucks for getting dressed every morning is such a genius idea it's a wonder everyone isn't trying their own version of Jason Sadler's IWearYourShirt.com. He's the guy who originated the idea of having companies pay him to wear their shirts for the day, and set up a social media campaign around them. Although the Billboard Family has done a noteworthy job of starting a company of their own with the same concept, Sadler insists that there ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby.

"When I started iwearyourshirt.com two years ago and the first copycats showed up, I felt threatened," Sadler says. "I had come up with a unique and original idea but firmly believed being authentic and hardworking would pay off. I would say doubling my profit each year, selling each year quickly and the buzz around 2011 has set my business apart."

iwearyourshirtThe business Sadler started has grown from supporting one person wearing company shirts to five people wearing them, and has become an international phenomenon. But that success has come at a cost. "I have to spend a lot of time connected to my laptop and iPhone, constantly interacting with the iwearyourshirt.com community on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I've worked for 700-plus days and 640 of those have come in a row without interruption." he says.

Not that there's anything wrong with that

But he's quick to add, "Am I complaining about that? Not at all! But, there's only so much time in a day and my group of non-Internet-friends has definitely suffered. I don't go out to bars on Friday and Saturday night anymore and I typically work 14- to16-hour days, seven days a week."

How can putting on a T-shirt in the morning and wearing it around town possibly be so time consuming, you might wonder. Sadler explains that his business is much more complicated than that. The company that contracts him to wear its shirt for the day will also receive five uniquely created YouTube videos, five live video shows on Ustream and a handful of photos shared with 50,000-100,000 people across Twitter, Facebook and iwearyourshirt.com. That's a lot of networking, and it takes a lot of time.

Time for which Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits and everything in between are willing to pay. Prices started at $2 per day for two guys wearing your shirts on Jan. 1, and increased $2 per day up through the end of the year, which is completely sold out. Starting Jan. 1, five people in five different parts of the country will be wearing the shirts every day, and prices will start at $5 on Jan. 1 and increase $5 per day, until Dec. 31, when they top out at $1,825. He's already sold 192 days in 2011.

iwearyourshirtJason Sadler wants YOU!

And by the way, Sadler is successful enough to be hiring a few more shirt wearers. If you would like to join his cotton-clad band in 2011, go to IwearYourShirt.com/hiring to apply. "I want to cater to different audiences by adding female shirt wearers, shirt wearers in different parts of the U.S. or world, and I want to move into different age demographics as well," Sadler says. "If you're good at putting on T-shirts, love social media and aren't afraid to be on camera every day, this is the job for you." He explains that the new people "won't have to put in all the hard work I did. I do expect everyone to be hard working, but there will be systems in place and processes I've learned to streamline all of the daily T-shirt-wearing duties."

What's still up for question, however, is whether the new employees will be able to take advantage of all the extra perks Sadler enjoys. The rest of his wardrobe, for example, is sponsored by Lucky Brand Jeans, Blacksocks and Jockey.

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