Vampire Wars' Fae Wings introduce the world's first undead fairies

Fae Wings
Fae Wings

If you're still collecting the Feather Wings in Vampire Wars, stop right there. Zynga added Fae Wings to your favorite fanged fantasy. Undead bird people are cool and all, but undead fairies are definitely a first. And... that's every fantasy trope in existence accounted for. This time around, the wings only take 50 Fae Fragments and come in the standard three varieties:

  • Blue Fae Wings: +10 Rage, +20 Energy

  • Purple Fae Wings: +20 Attack, +20 Energy

  • Red Fae Wings: +20 Defense, +20 Energy

The only way to find the Fae Fragments is through asking your friends for them through gifts or returning the favor. Collecting all three sets of wings will reward you with +10 Attack and Defense and +20 Energy. These provide essentially the same bonuses as the Feather Wings, but considering they cost much less to make we recommend going for these if you haven't started on a set yet. Not to mention they look pretty damned awesome. Again, the Artisans are going to take a week to craft these once you turn in the fragments, which you can speed along by bribing them for Favor Points, but why rush it?

Liking the new, less costly Fae Wings? Need friends to help you get 50 fragments even faster? Then shout out in the comments and find some fellow vampires. Add Comment.

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