Santa Jobs: Hourly Pay Ranges from $175 to $10

Ho-ho-ho. Santa jobs are at the top of the food chain in seasonal hiring.

Hourly pay can reach $175, but more likely is at $10. If the Santa develops a brand name such as being known as the "real Santa," being hired every holiday will be automatic. In addition, atypical Santas are now being recruited. You can be young, black, female, short, skinny, and bilingual. This position can be the platform for other entertainment roles such as Father Time, the Easter Bunny, or a professional actor in television, film, and advertising.

The really experienced could adopt a stance of public service and become the spokesperson for an advocacy group tentatively titled Safe with Santas. Its mission is to educate about possible dangers to children. That could lead to creating a foundation and being in demand on the lecture circuit.

As with all jobs involving children, you need a clean criminal record, reputation in the community for being a solid citizen, and to pass a drug-screening test.