$10 Minimum Wage: Get America Moving

A minimum wage at $10 an hour!

You bet, that can get America moving again, raise families above the poverty level, and give individuals a shot at the American Dream. And the majority of Americans agree that, yes, the minimum wage should be raised.

A new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute found that two-thirds support an increase in the minimum wage, according to reports. Democrats favor that by 82 percent and even Republicans by 51 percent.

This development seems to indicate that the minimum wage is now right up there with Social Security. Yes, it's become sacred.

U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, a Republican from Connecticut, sure discovered that. McMahon took a lot of flak after a press conference a few weeks ago, when she suggested that the state's minimum wage -- which at $8.25 is $1 more than the federal minimum -- be "looked at" (aka lowered). Today, she contends she "misspoke." Messing with the minimum wage has become the third rail of politics.

Let your government representatives know you want the minimum wage at $10 an hour or more.

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