Mafia Wars Zynga Request Page finally live, other games wait patiently

mafia wars zynga gifts requests
mafia wars zynga gifts requests

Thanks to the Zynga Request Page finally appearing in Mafia Wars, you can now send and receive gifts and Energy, respond to help requests and accept mafia invites in the game without leaving to another page. Just click on the envelope icon next the Help box in the upper right corner of the game screen to access all of your requests in the game.

Your requests are by default organized in one list, but you can view by category if you'd rather not get confused. Accepting gifts automatically places them in your inventory and allows you to send "Thank You" gifts right from the page. However, you're not given the option to choose the gift you send, which most likely means that you'll automatically send the same gift in return. A choice on what gift to send would have been much better, but this will have to do for now.

According to Mafia Wars Maniac, accepting gifts also has the chance of rewarding you with Loyalty Points. Pretty sweet deal for not doing much of anything. Unfortunately, we're experiencing a bug that only allows you to send a certain amount of "Thank You" gifts in return before the option fails to appear anymore. We hope this is fixed soon or our mafias are going to think we're all jerks who don't like gifting back.

Sadly, the full Zynga Request Page has yet to make it into some of Zynga's other games like Treasure Isle and FrontierVille, but hopefully it's only a matter of time before this feature is available in all of the studio's games. In the meantime, you'll have to suffer the new old-fashioned way.

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