Mafia Wars Slots Super Items added to Bonus Wheel, pay big to win big

Mafia Wars Slots Super Items
The Lucky Stash Slot Machine in Mafia Wars was always an obligatory thing to do each day when you were given a free spin or something to pump extra Reward Points into when there was nothing else better to buy--which probably never happened. Finally, Zynga added some extra incentive to spinning that wheel more than once daily with Slots Super Items.

These items are only available by filling the Bonus Meter completely and spinning the Bonus Wheel for free. Before, the Bonus Wheel was only filled with various amounts of Reward Points and meager items with stats that weren't even impressive when the feature was first introduced in July 2010. But spinning now can win you some pretty impressive animals, weapons, armor and vehicles like the Rex Fang (73 Attack, 35 Defense).

The cheapo in me is still only going to use his free daily spin, but at least this is something better to look forward to than items like the Box Jellyfish (28 Attack, 56 Defense). Seriously, at least bring something to a fight that you could fashion into a shiv... like a swordfish.

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