Living Foods recalls alfalfa sprouts possibly tainted with salmonella in Michigan

Woman eating sproutsLiving Foods Inc. is recalling packages of alfalfa sprouts distributed throughout Michigan because they could be contaminated with salmonella, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

No one has reported getting sick from the sprouts, the FDA said. The Ionia, Mich., company issued the recall after a package of the alfalfa sprouts tested positive for salmonella, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal, infections in young children, the frail or people with weakened immune systems. Even healthy people infected with salmonella can have a fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.
The recalled alfalfa sprouts were sold in stores and distributed to food service facilities through wholesale suppliers. Included in the recall are:
  • Four-ounce cup alfalfa sprouts labeled as Living Foods, Inc. Alfalfa Sprouts with a sell by date 10/2/2010 and a UPC code of either 0 26684 10006 5 or 0 26684 10004 1.
  • Alfafa sprouts packaged in unlabeled, 1-pound plastic bags sold in boxes of four labeled as Living Foods, Inc. Alfalfa Sprouts, with a 10/2/2010 sell by date.
  • Five-pound bulk containers (bag in a box) of alfalfa sprouts labeled as, Living Foods, Inc. Alfalfa Sprouts, with a 10/2/2010 sell by date.
Consumers who bought the packaged alfalfa sprouts should throw them out and can call Living Foods at (616) 527-0911. The company is working with the FDA and Michigan officials to find the cause of the contamination.

Just this spring, another company recalled its alfalfa sprouts from restaurants, sandwich shops and retailers nationwide after a salmonella outbreak in 10 states sickened almost two dozen people.

Sprouts carry a risk of bacteria contamination because they are usually eaten either raw or lightly cooked, which doesn't kill any bacteria that may be on the sprouts, the FDA says. Consumers can protect themselves by making sure the sprouts are thoroughly cooked before eating them.
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