The Least Profitable Industries for the Next Three Years

Hog farming, a least profitable industry
Hog farming, a least profitable industry

While economists have said the U.S. has actually emerged from its recession, IBISWorld Research has identified four industries that will likely be mired in recession-like conditions over the next three years. Unfortunately, not all industries can be as profitable as IBIS's picks on the positive side.

Hog and Pig Farming – It will be even tougher for those who raise pigs for a living to bring home the bacon in the future. With healthy eating trends lowering demand, swine flu scares and ever-increasing costs for feed, the industry expects a 5% loss in profits over the next three years.

Boat Building – An expected 9.5% loss in profits scuttles any thoughts this industry had about smooth sailing coming out of the recession. Lower demand for a high-maintenance luxury items like yachts is the primary culprit.

Hay and Other Crop Farming
– Bad weather, including flooding and other natural disasters have made all types of farming a risky proposition over the last year. The industry expects a 5.3% loss in profits as the cost of equipment and seed continue to rise.

Postal Services – It appears mail carriers aren't getting bitten only by dogs lately but also by new technology and labor issues. The U.S. Postal Service continues to lose revenues as more people turn to email instead of stamps to deliver information. USPS controls 100% of this market and expects a 5% loss in revenues as it continues to try and rein in rising pension obligations and other operational costs.