FrontierVille Music Crates brings serious tuneage to your homestead

FrontierVille Music Crate
FrontierVille Music Crate

Ready to play your first Facebook ho down? Zynga added the Music Crate to FrontierVille today, which for 40 Horseshoes, or $5.30 USD, holds one of five musical instrument decorations. Each one is said to play a tune when clicked on the homestead. Here are all five instruments and their purchase prices if you want to buy them directly:

  • Banjo: 330 XP, 48 Horseshoes

  • Guitar: 300 XP, 44 Horseshoes

  • Squeezebox: 280 XP, 42 Horseshoes

  • Tambourine: 360 XP, 49 Horseshoes

  • Fiddle: 330 XP, 46 Horseshoes

These interactive decorations are only available until Oct. 20, so get to savin' if you want to get to playin' them all.

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