Coke quietly starts selling Sokenbicha blended tea in the U.S.

In all of the news articles about Sokenbicha, the latest beverage to enter the environmentally-conscious (and good for you, too!) market, there is a focus on its pronunciation: "SO-can-BEE-cha." The blended tea from Japan may not roll off the tongue, and it may be the among a rare few beverages to suggest its consumption is good for a healthy spleen, but there is something even more interesting about Sokenbicha: It's from Coca-Cola, though you can't tell that by looking at the product's label, its Facebook page, or its Twitter stream.

Sokenbicha also doesn't appear on Coca-Cola's new products page. The web site for the product refers to its corporate parent, Nexstep Beverages, LLC, which, as far as we can tell, has no web site of its own. It's a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company; it's just hard to discover that without some serious net sleuthing.