YoVille: Raise & train your own Bear Cub

yoville bear cub
yoville bear cubNow available to all YoVille citizens is a new pet Bear Cub. But unless you copious amounts of YoCash you're going to need a panel of experts to approve your bear license. All you have to do is rally your friends, have 15 of them co-sign, and the bear cub is yours for 20,000 Coins! Alternatively, it can be purchased for 30 YoCash, just click the Unicorn-icon on top right corner of the game-screen to get your own YoVille smart Bear Cub companion.

I must say, at first I was worried the bear cub had lost two of his legs! Then I realized they were just behind the other legs with the bear turning his head towards us. But still, a two legged bear, how frightening...
yoville bear cub
This article originally appeared on YoVille Lounge.
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