Vidal Sassoon Gives House Price a Haircut, and Sells


You want to move a house that's been sitting on the market for nine months? Follow the lead of hair stylist Vidal Sassoon and sharpen your scissors. Sassoon sold his mid-century modern home in Beverly Hills for $10 million -- which is a major precision cut from its original listing price of $17.5 million last January.

But Sassoon, who hasn't lifted a pair of hair scissors professionally in many a moon -- and since he's now 82, perhaps that's not such a bad thing -- is very much a businessman. His haircare product line is internationally known and he's been known to dabble in real estate, especially the modernist stuff, which he seems to have an eye for. Apparently he saw the writing on the recession wall and took an offer. He's owned the home since the 1990s and presumably isn't crying in his conditioner over not getting what he hoped for at the beginning of the year.