Play Treasure Isle and get an exclusive YoVille Lotus Pond

yoville treasure isle lotus pondyoville treasure isle lotus pondyoville treasure isle lotus pond
Play Zynga's Treasure Isle Game in Facebook and get yourself a beautiful Lotus Pond in YoVille! When clicked, it will give you a handheld Lotus-flower to carry with you.
yoville treasure isle lotus pond
Check the blog post and pictures of the pond after the link!
oville treasure isle lotus pond
Ready to get your hands on an exclusive YoVille item? It's a beauty! You won't want to miss out on this chance to get your hands on this item! You'll even be able to wear it all over YoVille and show it off! So how do you get it you ask?
Play Treasure Isle and level up past Level 5! Go to the Treasure Isle Icon in YoVille and go start playing to Treasure Isle. Don't have a Treasure Isle account? Install it today!

Once you level up past Level 5 we will reward you with an exclusive handheld Lotus Flower! This gorgeous flower is a must have so don't miss out! Well that's about all folks! What are you waiting for? Go get your flower today!

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