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Q. I moved from Dallas in May. I turned off my electricity on May 21st. I pay my electric bill up front for a year so I have a $694 credit due to me from TXU Energy. Every time I call I get the same run-around. Basically, they tell me "the check is in the mail" or "the check is waiting for approval, which will take 3 to 4 weeks." They read from a script, and are not at all concerned that they have not repaid my money for six months. At this point I believe they should have to pay me interest. I have given them my current address two times yet they still do not change it. These people are unbelievable. What should I do?
David Platko
A. Hi David, I contacted TXU on your behalf and apparently, you were the victim of a simple error. The company says it generally only takes about four weeks to issue this kind of refund – not the six months that you've experienced.

"We work hard every day to provide our customers with excellent service and, in this case, we did not handle Mr. Platko's request in a timely manner. While we have now issued Mr. Platko a refund check, we do apologize for the delay in returning his money. This is inconsistent with the level of service we strive to deliver our customers."

The check was mailed out to your new address, so please get back in touch with us if you haven't received it.

If you think you're getting the run-around, let us know.

Consumer Ally problem solver Jean Chatzky is the "Today Show" financial adviser, a longtime financial journalist and best-selling author.
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