Sprint Offers Pre-Packaged Android App Sets


Sprint (S) is offering pre-packaged sets of Android Apps based on customers' interests, banking on the notion that smartphone users don't want to wade through the Android slush pile.

Sprint ID, unveiled Wednesday, allows users to select up to five sets of IDs. For example, users can select an entertainment ID that allows them to download video, music, photo and news apps, as well as Facebook, celebrity tweets and E! Online. From there, users can further customize the Sprint ID entertainment set to load up that content as it relates to a specific artist, such as punk band Green Day.

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Sprint, however, is limiting its free Sprint ID to only three new Android-based phones on its network, the Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform and LG Optimus S. The LG Optimus S, for example, will sell for under $50 and is expected to launch later this month.