Security Guard: 14 Percent Growth, Has Career Path

Security guards are no longer just rent-a-cops. Security jobs will grow 14 percent between 2008 and 2018, predicts the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even better, with national security concerns, so much economic loss through shrinkage, and the field going high-tech, this type of work can provide a career path.

In 2003, after my communications boutique tanked, I worked as a contract security guard in Sephora [yes, where Caroline Giuliani was nailed for shoplifting] and Home Depot. For me it was sort of emotional and financial halfway house. Although it turned out to be a survival job, I loved the responsibility so much that I considered getting a related master's degree and learning security technology.

Compensation quickly climbs as you climb the ladder. You could head loss prevention for one store or the whole region or the whole chain. You can be a trainer for an organization. You can create your own temporary service that supplies loss-prevention officers.

Because there's such demand for security guards and high turnover, it's possible to be hired without experience. Moreover, most organizations do their own training. What knocks you out of the box, though, is a felony on your record. Also, drug tests are mandatory.

These jobs are listed online under "security guard" and "loss prevention."


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