iPhone coming to Verizon in 2011 says WSJ

iPhone displayThe iPhone may finally be coming to Verizon early next year. We've heard rumors that the iPhone would come to Verizon ever since it launched on AT&T in 2007 and now that the exclusive deal is nearing it's end. There is speculation from many sources, including the Wall Street Journal, that Apple is making an iPhone that will work on Verizon's network, which uses different technology than AT&T.

Because Verizon uses different technology, called CDMA, in the company's phones, a new iPhone has to be designed specifically for Verizon. While there have been many rumors, the Wall Street Journal appears very confident that, "Apple Inc. is making a version of its iPhone that Verizon Wireless will sell early next year."
According to the Wall Street Journal neither Apple or Verizon have confirmed that the iPhone will come to Verizon, but there is increased support of the rumor from Apple expert John Gruber of Daring Fireball that supports the rumors including engineering tests which if true means there are iPhone devices already using the Verizon network in secret, like the iPhone 4 prototype found in a bar earlier this year.

If the Wall Street Journal is correct, Apple will begin producing a Verizon iPhone before the end of the year, which could go on sale as early as January 2011. If you pay attention to gadgets, you'll know that January is the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where all the new toys for the year are demoed. Typically, Apple stays away, preferring to announce their new devices on a solo stage, but Verizon's CEO will be delivering a keynote on Jan. 6th, which would be a prime time to introduce the Verizon iPhone.

The final bit of info, that again points toward a Verizon iPhone is the report, in an update to the Wall Street Journal article, that Verizon is testing it's networks and increasing capacity in order to handle the demands of an influx of iPhone users; a move which would potentially help Verizon avoid the many network issues that plagued AT&T when the iPhone launched.

Assuming the iPhone does come to Verizon, expect to see a slightly different design that fixes the antenna issues that have hampered the iPhone 4.
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