Hershey Factory to Close, Cut 500 Jobs

Who doesn't grow up dreaming about working in the Hershey Factory on Chocolate and Cocoa avenues and receiving Kisses with your paycheck? That dream now has its dark side. Hershey is closing the factory. About 500 jobs will be cut.

All is not sweet in the global chocolate business. Actually, with Kraft's purchase of Cadbury, competition in the industry has become a dog fight. To stay a cost-efficient producer, Hershey has to modernize its plants. That particular factory, built in 1903, can't accommodate that.

This once sweet spot-turned sour with layoffs is a microcosm of what's happening in a growing number of staid fields, ranging from law to journalism. That means all jobs are becoming "temporary." When in them you have to focus on what skills you're learning that can be transferred to other industries, organizations, and other kinds of jobs. A "good job" means one that is teaching you what you have to know to get your next job.

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