Guest Says Bed Bugs Attacked Her at Waldorf-Astoria Hotel

hmerinomx, flickr

The Waldorf-Astoria is one of the best-known hotels in the world. Apparently bed bugs are familiar with the luxury property too, at least according to a Florida woman.

The woman, who is from Coral Gables and asked not to be named, tells the New York Post she had welts and rashes after a stay at the fancy hotel on Sept. 25.

The bed bugs attacked her in a $330 per night room, she tells the newspaper. "We were grossed out," says the woman, who works for an investment bank and was traveling with her mother, sister and boyfriend.

When she complained to hotel management, she says she was moved to a room in the hotel's swank Towers, that goes for more than $700. And she got a free night. But first, she says, hotel workers grilled her and asked her to display her bites. "It felt like you were getting blamed for the fact there was a bedbug in your bed," she says.

The woman says she had to take anti-inflammatory pills for a week because of the bites.

For its part, the hotel denies there were bed bugs in the woman's room. "No bedbugs or trace of bedbugs was found in the room in contention," Robert Allegrini, a spokesman for Hilton Worldwide, which runs the Waldorf, tells the newspaper.

The hotel does admit it gave the woman an upgrade.

And asked whether bedbugs have ever been found in the Waldorf, the newspaper says Allegrini said he didn't know.

Bed bug infestations have been reported in New York recently at Bloomingdales and the offices of Elle magazine, among other places.

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