FrontierVille's Toll Collection: Can't you read the sign?

Toll Collection
Since collecting oodles of cash and experience just can't be enough, there's also a Collection to go along with FrontierVille's new Toll Booth feature. This collection, like most, can only be completed at random by collecting the Daily Bonus from your Toll Booth.

What you'll win for completing the Toll Collection is a Road Sign (pictured far right) to put near your paths. While this is a welcome addition to an already neat feature, some extra cash or experience would have been nice. Who am I kidding? With this Toll Booth, I'll net enough cash to expand my homestead to 41x41 squares when the day comes. Let's hope that's not before the fabled Gold Rush comes in.

[Via FrontierVille Wiki]

Do you like the Toll Collection reward, or would you rather keep the items from the Daily Bonus like the Bear Crossing sign? Speak out in the comments. Add Comment.
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