FrontierVille The Path to Progress Missions: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille Path to Progress
Just when you thought that you couldn't expand any further in FrontierVille, a financial opportunity like none other arises in Tolls. This new feature introduced by the Zynga team comes with a new set of missions, "The Path to Progress," and allows you to forge paths on your homestead, build a Toll Booth and collect toll from those who visit your homestead several times daily. While building a Toll Booth is a pretty simple task, these missions will teach you how to make the best profit of it.

Join us behind the cut for a guide on how to get your toll business started.
Path Finding
Before you can access the Toll Booth in the Market, you do need to complete the first few goals in "The Path to Progress." In the first goal, "Path Finding," all you need to do is:

  • Chop Down Two Trees
  • Move Six Cows
  • Visit Frontier Jack's Homestead

Yes, to move the cows all you need to do is literally use the move tool to pick up six cows and move them somewhere else on your homestead. It turns out that all you need to do is move one cow six times to complete this requirement, which means this might be the simplest mission in FrontierVille since having to feed three chickens in "Tend Your Homestead." Finishing this awfully easy request scores you a sweet 100 Food and even sweeter 100 XP.

Let's Make a Deal
Next in "Let's Make a Deal," things get slightly more official. This goal is going to require much more time and some help from your friends with these requirements:

  • Harvest 25 Corn
  • Collect 10 Charter Agreements
  • Buy a Toll Booth

FrontierVille Toll Booth Stage Three
While waiting 12 hours for your corn to be ready to harvest, you can ask your friends for Charter Agreements, which you will also find through gifting them to your friends. Buying a Toll Booth costs just 500 coins and 65 wood yet rewards you 100 more XP and the cost of the Toll Booth, but it'll take much more to build, which is exactly what you're tasked with in the next goal, "The Right Tool for the Job":

  • Have 10 Tools
  • Finish the Toll Booth
  • Collect One Toll

Don't you love how the goals guide you through the new features? Getting 10 sets of tools might be something you already have through collecting bonuses when your friends are hired to work on your homestead, but if not you might have to collaborate should you want to collect these tools quickly. Just ask a few friends to hire you by clicking your name in the neighbors list, do the same for them, collect the bonuses from your News Feed and eventually you'll have amassed 10 Tools in no time. After finally finishing the Toll Booth, your final task is to collect one toll... that's it. Just ask a friend to visit your homestead one more time and you should collect some good old tax dollars, 200 XP and a Sledge Hammer.

The fourth goal, "Beating a Path to Your Door," is probably the most difficult in this entire mission. On top of keeping a certain family member out of danger while you lay the foundations of your business, you'll have to wait on your buddies to catch up:

  • Build 20 Paths
  • Stop a Wandering Spouse*
  • Visit 10 Neighbors Who Have Paths

*In the Toll Booth update, a new feature has been implemented where your inactive spouse will begin to wander around your homestead when not active. Just clicking on your lovely husband or wife will complete this task.

Visiting 10 Neighbors who have paths is going to be tough considering it depends more on your friends' progress than your own, which is when teamwork is key. Finishing this goal will net you 80 XP and an Iron Fountain for whipping your friends into shape.
Nearing the end with the fifth goal, "Stubborn as an Ox" asks you to quell neighbor complaints of wandering Oxen on your paths. Here's what you'll need to do so they'll shut up:

  • Move 10 Oxen
  • Collect 10 Bovine Insurance Forms
  • Feed 10 Oxen

As with the cows before them, you should only need one Ox to move ten times using the Move Tool, but feeding one Ox 10 times is going to take quite a while. Since these are free gifts, why not just send them around amongst your friends to have 10 Oxen to feed at once? Collecting the Bovine Insurance Forms will require to ask your friends like most paperwork requirements and feeding the Oxen is pretty self explanatory. Oddly enough, you'll be rewarded another Ox and 300 XP for completing this goal.

Frontier Jack's Toll Booth
Finally, in "Trolling the Toll Booth," all you need to do is accept five neighbor help requests and collect three more tolls. A little anticlimactic, we know, but consider a testament to drudging through these six goals and crafting yet another building. For your hard work, you'll be rewarded an impressive 500 XP and a Mule. Now, go forth and tax all those who may enter your lands.

[Via FrontierVille Info and FroniterVille Wiki]

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