FarmVille McDonalds promotion is a glorified ad #notlovinit

farmville farm truck

The FarmVille McDonalds promotion has launched and, well, it's nothing we expected. Instead of turning out to be something like the Zynga 7-Eleven promotion from earlier this year, it's a glorified ad created to look like a FarmVille farm.

farmville mcdonalds farm

Here's how it works: If you look in your neighbor bar, you will see a McDonalds farm -- click on it to visit. Once you arrive on the farm, you will be instructed to use Insta-Grow on the McDonald's crops. If you're wondering how the heck to get Insta-Grow -- don't bother. A crop duster shows up and automatically fertilizes the seeded field and, then, suddenly the Golden Arches appear in crop form. You don't have to lift a finger.

farmville mcdonalds is here

As payment for your time, you receive a free McDonald's I'm Lovin' It hot air balloon and a McCafe coffee cup (a consumable which makes your farmer works 2x the speed) which are supposed to appear in your gift box. That wasn't the case for me, however -- so I'm waiting to see if this is a glitch and if so, when it will be fixed. Update (6 a.m.): Woke up and found the McCafe and Hot Air Balloon waiting for me in my gift box.

farmville mcdonalds promotion

The FarmVille-McDonalds promotion is creative from an advertising standpoint, though I think many farmers expected something a little more grandiose considering how much this 'event' was teased over the past few weeks.

What do you think of the McDonalds promotion -- is it what you expected? Sound off in the comments. Add comment.
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