FarmVille Candy Corn: Grow this sweet treat on Halloween

FarmVille Candy Corn: Grow this sweet treat on Halloween
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FarmVille continues to impress with their steadily building Halloween spectacle. Haunted Houses, pranks, costumes, and now a special crop all mark the Halloween FarmVille holiday.

This unique Halloween crop is none other than Candy Corn. Though Candy Corn is never our first choice of Halloween candy, it's always solid and as a sweet fall back snack, it's tough to beat. We also appreciate the pun FarmVille took advantage of, exploiting the potential double meaning of Candy Corn.

I'm always a fan of FarmVille's more ridiculous crops like the Nachos Crop a while ago. I'm curious to see if FarmVille's Halloween Candy Corn grows close to the ground like strawberries or up in a tree like cashews. Hopefully the FarmVille design team was creative.

Though this crop is unreleased at the moment, expect it to roll out soon as we move closer to the night of frights: Halloween.

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