Colleges trying hand at marketing to lure students

Pieces of Drake University's marketing campaignStudents across the country try to stand out and get noticed by marketing themselves to colleges. Now one university in Des Moines, Iowa, is trying to make its literature stand out to high school students amidst the generic recruiting brochures and letters that most receive, according to the AP.

Drake University sent students recruitment material with a big, fat "D+" on the front.

The "D+" is supposed to draw students attention, and it seems like it would do a great job. Who wouldn't have their attention tuned into a huge, blue and white, near-failing grade. Unfortunately for Drake University, this also has opened the university up to some criticism.

According to the Drake University website, the new logo signifies "The Drake Advantage." The "+" is used to denote the addition of the potential student plus something that the university can bring to that student. For example, the tagline reads "Your Passion + Our Experience."

The website goes on to say, "it's why you're not just thinking 'a great education.' That's a given. No, you're looking for the + factor."

What the university wasn't counting on was the negative factor the marketing campaign has drawn. Marketing blogs and social networking blogs have reacted negatively and it has also gotten a sour reaction from alumni, according to the AP.

Other campaigns, such as one rune by Northern Arizona University, seem more successful, according to the AP. The look of Northern Arizona's green and blue website reflects it's area, and it's "future students" page talks about being a university in the mountains.

"There really is something special about studying in the mountains," the website says. "We can't say if it's the effect of all that fresh air on your brain, or the inspiration of being that close to the stars."

On American University's website, the university sells the fact that its professors have been interviewed by big news agencies like CBS and Fox News.

Some bigger universities, like the University of Alabama, have created T.V. commercials. One Alabama commercial is about how the university instills, in the minds of their students, the power to inspire others and eventually touch lives all over the globe.

Although some universities' marketing ideas don't go over too well, like sending giant "D+'s" to students, others can be effective.
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