Cafe World Corporate Luncheon Catering Order: Everything you need to know

Cafe World Corporate Luncheon
In case you're bored already from all of the One Year Anniversary festivities, Zynga has added yet another Catering Order to Cafe World, the Corporate Luncheon. Don't worry, this one is a little more relaxing considering a trip to New York City isn't on the line and the order is smaller on the whole.

Join us behind the break for a full guide for you to get three stars on this order.
King Crab BisqueDino DrumstickMac and CheeseIce Cream Sundae

Firstly, this order can only be completed if you're level 55 or above as the Ice Cream Sundae is unlocked at that level. Secondly, you must finish the Sunday Brunch order within 10 days before you can take on the luncheon. Once that is through, come on back and take on Corporate America with your culinary prowess. The Corporate Luncheon calls for:

  • King Crab Bisque: 98 servings, cooks in 24 hours
  • Dino Drumstick: 180 Servings, cooks in 13 hours
  • Ice Cream Sundae: 80 servings, cooks in 18 hours
  • Macaroni and Cheese: 120 servings, cooks in 2 hours

In addition to these dishes, you'll need to buy 15 Name Cards and 15 Folded napkins, which cost a total of 45 Cafe Cash, or about $9 USD. While we don't necessarily agree with having to pay up to complete these missions, it looks like this sad reality isn't going anywhere soon. At least you can split the cost between 20 of your friends to complete the order. For completing the order within the time limits, you'll receive:

  • Within 3 Days: 4,536 Cafe Points, 60,480 coins
  • Within 7 Days: 3,240 Cafe Points, 48,600 coins
  • More than 7 Days: 1,944 Cafe Points, 29,160 coins

Remember the old trick of putting these dishes on the stoves and accepting the order in time for them to finish. Trust us, it will make getting three stars that much easier. Also, the new Facebook Groups should make collaborating with your friends on missions like this much easier. Now, go make those suits full and happy... or they'll probably file a complaint.

[Via Cafe World Wiki]
[Image Credit: Zynga]

Have you started the Corporate Luncheon order yet? Have any secret tips for success? Keep us in the know in the comments. Add Comment.
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