Black Friday: Neiman Marcus catalog thumbs nose at the recession


I have to giggle every time I see a new Neiman MarcusChristmas Book. The outrageous annual catalog features extravagant items priced so lavishly, it's hard to imagine many people can afford them. Selling items from the catalog, may not, however, be its intention. Rather, it's used as a marketing tool.

$15,000 gingerbread house from the Neiman Marcus catalog
$15,000 gingerbread house from the Neiman Marcus catalog

If you haven't seen the 84th edition of the catalog, brace yourself. Filling the pages this year are more than a few gratuitously priced items: a $15,000 edible gingerbread playhouse (right), a $125,000 private party organized by Colin Cowie, and a $4,500 adult-size tricycle for three featuring seat and canopy fabrics by Tory Burch.