Social City's 5 Days of Gifting College Town brings on the academia

Social City College Town gifts
Social City College Town gifts
Playdom has taken a cue from Zynga in cross promoting its games with its new Social City event, 5 Days of Gifting College Town. This work-week long event plays out almost exactly like the ongoing Magic Kingdom event in Social City, though this time Playdom is promoting its own game, ESPNU College Town, rather than its parent company. Over the next five days, Playdom will release a new item inspired by its new university management game for players to gift one another for free. Starting today, the ESPNU Frat is available for free gifting.

For you antsy folks, you can spin the wheel for 4 City Bucks (or about $1 USD) per try at five of the six new items through the "Build" tab much like you still can for the Disney Magic Kingdom items. Collecting all five will reward players with the College Town Student Union, which adds 15,000 Happiness and 2,000 coins every three days. But remember, not every spin after the first is guaranteed to reward you with a new building. If you're going to get a new building every day, why not just ride it out and enjoy the post-secondary celebrations?

[Image Credit: Playdom]

Will you be buying or gifting these new buildings? Which games would you like to see Playdom cross promote in the future? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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