PetVille Halloween Costumes are available, some assembly required

PetVille Costumes
As is tradition for all social games to get their spook on, Zynga is enjoying the Halloween festivities in PetVille with new Halloween Costumes for your pets. While some of these outfits found in the clothing store cost a flat rate of either coins or Pet Cash, it's unfortunate that some come in separate pieces with each piece costing one of the two currencies (mostly Pet Cash). It's pretty neat to be able to mix and match to create a blue-skinned cowboy Avatar, but not when some accessories cost as much as 16 Pet Cash, or around $2 USD.

Find all nine costumes (and their prices) to trick-or-treat around the Neighborhood with behind the break.
Avatar, Burger and Banana Costumes
Ratava (get it?), Burger and Banana Costumes (right to left)

Devil, Cowboy and Witch Costumes
Hot Devil, Goody Cowboy and Witchy Costumes (right to left)

Nurse, Undead Bride and Hot Dog Costumes
Bad Nurse, Gloom Bride and Hotdog Costumes (right to left)

Which costume will you be wearing this Halloween in PetVille? Will you mix and match to make your own evil, horned burger suit? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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