Oscar winner Jim Broadbent drives a hard bargain

Broadbent in
Broadbent in

It isn't often you'll spot someone who's both an Oscar winner and Harry Potter regular playing golf on the municipal links, but that's where you'll find the British actor Jim Broadbent. "I go to cheap public courses," the Another Year star told WalletPop during the New York Film Festival.

Broadbent saves money over country clubbing -- it costs about £10 [about $16] for nine holes at his local course in North London. He also saves face."I'm a very bad golfer and the guys I play with are really bad and we like to be able to play badly without disapproval of the members," he said with a grin.

In the Mike Leigh-directed Another Year, showing at the festival, Broadbent portrays an ordinary bloke who's happily married but put upon by lonely and alcoholic friends.(The Mike Leigh-directed film is scheduled to open in theaters Dec. 29.) Broadbent is perhaps best known lately as magic professor Horace Slughorn in a three-movie Harry Potter arc, which continues with the Nov. 19 release ofHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

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