Job Search: Four Signs It's Not Working

Job search is not ambiguous. Either you end it with getting a job or you stay without a job. Yet, too many don't accept that the job search is a short-term process which is supposed to culminate in employment. Those fall into the category of the chronically unemployed.

The challenge in this difficult-to-decode economy is to differentiate the job search which will lead to employment and the one which is not working. Readers have asked me to point to the signs of the job search which isn't working and which should be abandoned for fresh strategies and tactics. Actually, there are four.

  • You are getting negative responses immediately. Or you are receiving no response. That means how you're presenting yourself may be not aligned with current realities. For example, your cover letter and resume may contain a snapshot of your credentials rather than outcomes you have achieved for other employers and the assertion of what you could achieve for this one.
  • You are making the first cut but not the second. Clearly, you are not providing employers with what they want to hear. Selling, and that's what job search is, entails speed reading what employers need and want and translating that into concepts and language which are a perfect fit for what you offer.
  • You are making the first few cuts but not receiving an offer. You have to learn to close the sale. That means figuring out what to offer employers that the other applicants aren't. An organization searching for contract bloggers requested one sample post. My competition submitted four. He got the assignment.
  • You are candidly told you are in the wrong field. Take an inventory of your knowledge base, skills, and temperament, study the help-wanted, and figure out where you are marketable. Then create new cover letters, resumes, and interview personas to experiment in other niches.

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