Hiring for Christmas: 600,000 Holiday Jobs & Where To Look

Hiring for Christmas 2010 will bring 600,000 holiday jobs into the economy. That hiring for Christmas might not be the dream list of economists and politicos, but it beats holiday hiring last year by about 100,000 jobs. That's what the New York Times reports, but not with a ho-ho-ho. But for you, this is very good news, isn't it.

There's more good news. A number of retailers who hire have in mind retaining some of the employees for full-time permanent jobs.

Here are some of the chains where you can start putting in your applications:

Here are some tips about how to present yourself:
  • Indicate full availability. Stressed employers want you to operate around their needs.
  • Be perky. Be cheerful. Be optimistic about pent-up demand among consumers
  • Ask if you can observe, without the meter running, how the store operates. That demonstrates your eagerness and enthusiasm.
  • If they don't contact you, you follow up. Best to swing by in-person when you know the hiring manager is working.

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